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  • Dr. Onuch’s and Dr. Kravets’s op-ed appeared on Al Jazeera English
  • Dr. Onuch interviewed  live on Sky News TV, Al Jazeera,  BBC Wales Interview BBC Radio


Dr. Olga Onuch is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Manchester and a Research Fellow at Nuffield College, at the University of Oxford. She has received her DPhil in Comparative Politics from the University of Oxford in 2011.

From 2011-2014 she was a Newton Prize Fellow in Comparative Politics (awarded by the Royal Society & British Academy) at the SIAS (Latin American Centre) and a Research Fellow at Nuffield College, both held at the University of Oxford. From 2013-2014 she was a Shklar Research Fellow at The Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, at Harvard University, Cambridge. In 2010-2011 she was a Petro Jacyk Prize Fellow at CERES at the University of Toronto.

Her research focus is on the comparative study of protest politics, political behaviour and institutions, in democratizing states in Latin American and Eastern Europe. An expert on protests, elections, activism and good governance (decentralization) in Ukraine, she is currently conducting large surveys of protest participants in Kyiv, Ukraine,  as part of her ongoing Ukrainian Protest Project.

In 2013, Dr. Onuch completed field based data collection in Buenos Aires, Argentina investigating: How political parties motivate and mobilize citizens to vote?

In 2014 Dr. Onuch along with colleagues from Harvard (T. Colton & N. Kravets) and George Washington (H. Hale) Universities is conducting a three-wave electoral survey.

Experience keywords: Activism*, Civil Associations, Civil Society, Civil Society Aid/Promotion, Democracy Aid/Promotion, ‘Revolutions’, Comparative Politics*, Democratization*, Elections*, Electoral Fraud, Electoral Populism*, Mass-Mobilization*, Party Machines, Politics of Economic Crisis, Political Participation, Political Parties, Protest*, Social Movements*, Transition*, Youth Movements*.

Sectors and industries to which research relates: Consultancy, NGOs, Government

Countries and regions to which research relates:  Ukraine*, Argentina*, Mexico, Poland*, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America.


  1. Ukrainian [Spoken:Fluent/Native, Written: Fluent/Native];
  2. Polish [Spoken:Fluent/Native, Written: Advanced];
  3. English [Spoken:Fluent/Native, Written: Fluent/Native];
  4. French [Spoken: Advanced, Written: Advanced];
  5. Spanish [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate];
  6. Russian [Spoken: Basic /Working Knowledge, Written: Working Knowledge/Intermediate].

Media experience: Press, Radio & TV in Canada; Poland; Ukraine; United Kingdom; and USA.

NEW  Dr. Onuch is the editor of the Nuffield Politics Working Paper Series and the peer-reviewed Journal of Ukrainian Politics and Society.

NEW FUNDING GRANT Dr. Onuch (Co-I), and her colleagues Prof. Henry Hale (P-I, George Washington University), Prof. Timothy Colton (Co-I, Harvard University) and Dr. Nadiya Kravets (Co-I, Harvard University), are leading a research team studying the politics of the Ukrainian crisis, and have been awarded a large National Science Foundation RAPID Grant to conduct a Multi-wave Electoral Panel Survey in Ukraine. Funding has also been provided by the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and the Ukrainian Studies Fund.

Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
Harvard University, 
34 Kirkland Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.

Email1: onuch [at] fas.harvard.edu

Nuffield College, New Road,
University of Oxford, Oxford,

Email 2: olga.onuch [at] nuffield.ox.ac.uk


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