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Supervision of Post Doc Research Associates/Fellows

  1. Dr. Felipe Gonzalez Santos: August 2018 – December 2020, MOBILISE Project Research Associate, University of Manchester, (UK).
  2. Dr. Anna Glew:  January 2021- July 2022, MOBILISE Project Research Associate,  (UK).
  3. Dr. Javier Perez sandoval:  January 2021- July 2022, MOBILISE Project Research Associate,  (UK).

Supervision of PhD Students

Start & Finish Date (FT or PT) & Department/University Main Supervisor Student Name Project Title Funder Planned Submission Date
2016- (FT) Russian Studies, SALC, UoM Main Supervisor Mr. Craig Proctor Radical Right Nationalist Movements Full Scholarship Faculty of Humanities, UoM Defended 2021
2017- (FT) Russian Studies, SALC, UoM Ms. Anna Glew Human Agency and Historical Memory in Ukraine Full Scholarship CELBASS, UoM Defended 2022
2018- (FT) Politics, SoSS, UoM Main Supervisor Ms. Alina Nychyk EU-Ukraine Relations Full Scholarship SoSS, UoM Defended 2022
2019 (Jan)- (FT) Politics, SoSS, UoM Ms. Ana Martinez Resistances to reproductive rights in Latin America: Argentina & El Salvador Full Scholarship SoSS, UoM December 2023 (COVID Extension and Maternity leave)
2019- (FT) Bailliol College, Sociology Department, University of Oxford Main Supervisor Ms. Emma Matteo EuroMaidan in the Regions ESRC Case Studentship Submitted 2022 (COVID Extension)
2019- (FT) Politics, SoSS, UoM & British Council Main Supervisor Ms. Cressida Arkwright Youth Political Engagement in EE ESRC Case Studentship & British Council Kyiv June 2023

(COVID Extension and Maternity leave)

2020- (FT) Politics, SoSS, UoM Co-Supervisor Mr. Francisco Espinoza Class Vote in LA CONICYT June 2023

PhD Examinations

  1. Internal Examiner, Lucky Bension, Viva Vice, Politics, SoSS, UoM. December 12, 2018.
  2. Official PhD Opponent, Hanna Soderbaum, Public Defense, Member of PhD Committee, Ekonomisk-Historiska Institutionen Uppsala Universitet, Upsalla, Sweden. September 15, 2018.
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