Working Papers

Research in Preparation and Working Papers:

Onuch, O. The Real Revolution in 2014 Ukraine: Protest And Elections In The Regions. ASN 2015

Onuch, O. “Identity Politics, Protest and Elections in 2014 Ukraine.” A Theoretical Framework for Survey Analysis. WP 2015.

Onuch, O. “Exit and Voice in Ukraine in 2004 and 2014.” A Theoretical Framework for Quantitative Analysis. WP 2015. Submitted for review.

Onuch, O. Social Media versus Social Network Ties During the EuroMaidan Protests. ASN 2014. Published in Problems of Post Communism. 

Onuch, O. Sleeping With the Enemy: A Protest Coalition Formation Game (Ukraine 2004 and 2014). WP 2014.

Onuch, O. Motivating and Mobilizing the Protesterate: How Argentine Politicians getting out the vote and the protest in 2012-13. WP 2014.

Onuch, O. The Protest Calculus: When The Threshold Of Political Patience Breaks. Conference paper, APSA , Chicago, USA, August/September, 2013.

Onuch, O. From Activists to Pragmatic Interlocutors?: Mapping Media Networks and Media Politicization in Post-communist Poland. Conference paper, MPSA , Chicago, USA, April, 2012.

Onuch, O. Less Substance! More Populism?: Why Institutions Matter in Poland/Brazil and Russia/Venezuela . Conference paper, APSA , Seattle, USA, Sep. 3rd 2011.

Onuch, O. and Serra, G. The Calculus of Joining a Post-Election Protest: Explaining Social Mobilization of ‘Ordinary’ Citizens in Ukraine and Mexico. ‘Com. Democratization’ Workshop, Oxford, 04/11/2010.

Onuch, O. Democracy, Elections and Protests in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Workshop, Oxford, 24/05/2010.


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