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DR. OLGA ONUCH is an Assistant Professor in Politics at the University of Manchester and an Associate Fellow at Nuffield College (University of Oxford). In 2011, she received her DPhil in Comparative Politics from the University of Oxford. Dr. Onuch has previously held the prestigious Petro Jacyk Prize Fellowship at CERES at the University of Toronto; the Newton Prize Fellowship in Comparative Politics (awarded by the Royal Society & British Academy) at the SIAS, Latin American Centre; a Research Fellowship at Nuffield College, at the University of Oxford; a Shklar Research Fellowship at HURI, at Harvard University. And in 2014 she was awarded a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship Grant (hosted at UCL – not taken up).


Her research is focused on the comparative study of protest politics, political behaviour and institutions, in democratizing states in Latin American and Eastern Europe. An expert on protests, elections, activism and good governance (decentralization) in Ukraine, she is currently conducting large surveys of protest participants in Kyiv, Ukraine,  as part of her ongoing Ukrainian Protest ProjectThe first findings from this data collection have already been published in book chapters and journal articles.


In 2014 and 2015, Dr. Onuch is carrying out extensive fieldwork (structured interviews and focus groups) related to the EuroMaidan protest wave (in comparative perspective with the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections) to better understand the motivations and the mechanisms of mobilization behind political behaviour in a crisis context. The first findings from this data collection have already been published in two book chapters and five peer-reviewed journal articlesShe is currently completing a book monograph focusing on the EuroMaidan Mass-Mobilzation.  


In late 2013, Dr. Onuch completed field based data collection in Buenos Aires, Argentina investigating: How political parties motivate and mobilize citizens to vote? Data and findings stemming from this project have been published in book chapters and are forthcoming in peer-reviewed journal articles.


Between May 2014 and January 2015 Dr. Onuch (Co-I), and her colleagues Prof. Henry Hale (P-I, George Washington University), Prof. Timothy Colton (Co-I, Harvard University) and Dr. Nadiya Kravets (Co-I, Harvard University), lead a research team studying the politics of the Ukrainian crisis, having been awarded a large National Science Foundation RAPID Grant to conduct theUkraine Crisis Election Survey’ a three-wave nationally representative panel survey of the Ukrainian population. The first findings from this project were publicly presented at Columbia University in April 2015 and research based on this study is forthcoming.


In January 2014, Dr. Onuch (Co-I), and her colleague Dr. Sorana Toma received a OUP John Fell Fund Starter Grant (for proof-of concept and pump-priming) to study the nexus between ‘exit’ (migration) and ‘voice’ (protest) (see: Hirschman 1978) focusing on the cases of Romania (2013) and Ukraine (EuroMaidan 2013/2104). They have conducted exploratory survey and field work in 2014 on the topic. They hosted an intensive comparative workshop on the topic in June 2015 at the University of Oxford. They expect to publish a special issue of the collection of articles presented at the workshop, in 2016. For information about the workshop or to participate in the project please contact Dr. Toma or Dr. Onuch. www.exitandvoice.com 

Media and Research Experience keywords:  

Activism*, Civil Associations, Civil Society, Civil Society Aid/Promotion, Democracy Aid/Promotion, ‘Revolutions’, Comparative Politics*, Democratization*, Elections*, Electoral Fraud, Electoral Populism*, Mass-Mobilization*, Party Machines, Politics of Economic Crisis, Political Participation, Political Parties, Protest*, Social Movements*, Transition*, Youth Movements*.

Sectors and industries to which research relates: Consultancy, NGOs, Government

Countries and regions to which research relates (media interviews):  Ukraine*, Argentina*, Mexico, Poland*, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America.


  1. Ukrainian [Spoken:Fluent/Native, Written: Fluent/Native];
  2. Polish [Spoken:Fluent/Native, Written: Advanced];
  3. English [Spoken:Fluent/Native, Written: Fluent/Native];
  4. French [Spoken: Advanced, Written: Advanced, ‘French Immersion’ primary & secondary education];
  5. Spanish [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate];
  6. Russian [Spoken: Basic /Working Knowledge, Written: Working Knowledge/Intermediate].


Press, Radio & TV in Canada; France; Poland; Ukraine; United Kingdom; and USA.


Politics, School of Social Sciences
University of Manchester
M13 9PL

Email 1: olga.onuch [at] manchester.ac.uk

Email 2: olga.onuch [at] nuffield.ox.ac.uk


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