Selected Invited Lectures and Event Participation (last five years only & not including conference paper presentations)

  1. Media Effects on Protest Participation, “Information Wars: Social Media, and Politics in Russia and Eastern Europe”, Center for Russia, East European and Eurasian Studies, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, USA, 03/26/2019.
  2. Right Wing SMO Support in Ukraine Post The EuroMaidan, Workshop on Radical Right Wing Social Movments, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 03/08/2019.
  3. Understanding Ordinart Citizens’ Mass Mobilization, Protesting Inequalities Panel, LSE Festival, London School of Economics, London, UK, 03/02/2019.
  4. When the Rebel Wins, Political Science Department, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 02/21/2019.
  5. History of Non-Violent Protest in Ukraine, “Conference on People and Power, Dictatorship to Autocracy”, Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA, 02/19/2019.
  6. Exit and Voice: MOBILISE Launch, Politics Group Reunion, Nuffield College, Oxford, UK, 02/08/2019.
  7. Revolutionary Moments in Ukraine, Closing ceremony of the “REVOLUTIONIZE” exhibit, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01/27/2019.
  8. Ordinary Citizens in Extraordinary Times War & Martial Law in Post-EuroMaidan Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute in London, London, UK, 12/03/2018.
  9. The EuroMaidan Five Years On, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Canada, 11/12/2018.
  10. The Effect of War on Voting Behavior: The Case of Ukraine, Danyliw Seminar, University of Ottawa, Canada, 11/09/2018.
  11. Identity in Capturing Identity in Ukraine, Chatham House, UK, 10/21/2018.When The Rebel Wins, The University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland, 10/15/2018.
  12. EuroMaidan: A Moment of Mass Mobilization, “Maidan: An Unfinished Story”,Bundeszentrale fr politische Bildung, Tutzing, Germany, 10/12/2018.
  13. Donbas Media Forum, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 07/6-7/2018.
  14. Ukraine in the World: Fifty Years of Ukrainian Studies at Harvard University, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI), 05/11-12/2018.
  15. “Who Supports The Revolution?”, PONARS London Conference, London School of Economics, London UK. 03/24/2018.
  16. “Post-Protest Polarization and Identity: Pathways to Peace”, PONARS Policy Briefing. PONARS London Conference, London School of Economics, London UK. 03/23/2018.
  17. “Identity in Ukraine”, International Conference: Revolution, Conflict and Crisis in Contemporary Ukraine. Three Revolutions Project, College D’Europe, Natolin, Warsaw, Poland, 03/16-17/2018.
  18. “Post-Protest Polarization?”, Ukraine: hope for the future or land of lost opportunity? Conference, REES, St. Antony’s, University of Oxford. 03/07-08/2018.
  19. “UkraineLab2018”, Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels, European Union Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 02/27/2018.
  20. “The Art of Protest and Protest Art”, Photo Exhibition: Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, Go-Global, Faces In Focus, The Depot, 38 Upper Clapton Road, London E5 8BQ London, UK. 02/22-23/2018.
  21. “Who Supports The Revolution?”, Comparative Politics Seminar, Politics Department, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. 02/21/2018.
  22. “Policy Briefing on Developments in Ukrainian Politics”. Practitioner audience by invitation only. The Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS), Berlin, Germany, 09/21/2017.
  23. (With Hale, H.) “Identity in Ukraine”. Workshop for PSA Special Issue. The Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS), Berlin, Germany, 09/21/2017.
  24. “Non-Violent Protest in Ukraine”, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine, 06/10/2017.
  25. (With Toma, S.) “Exit and Voice in Ukraine”, Workshop on Migration and Political Participation. Migration Lab, UoM, Manchester, UK 06/06/2017.
  26. “Identity in Ukraine”, IRES Seminar Series, George Washington University, USA, 25/05/2017.
  27. “Identity In Ukraine”. After the Revolution: Reform and Identity in Ukraine Conference, Princeton University, USA, 05/03/2017.
  28. “Post Protest Polarization”. Inaugural Conference of The Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS), Berlin, Germany, 03/27/2017.
  29. “Mass-Mobilization in Ukraine and Eastern Europe”, International Symposium: Three Revolutions – Portraits of Ukraine, Three Revolutions Project, College D’Europe, Natolin, Warsaw, Poland, 02/28/2017.
  30. Closed Workshop: Migration and Political Participation, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK,  09/20/2016.
  31. “Mass-Mobilization in Comparative Perspective”, International Conference: Revolutions, Maidans and Protests in Contemporary Ukraine. The Current State of Research and Future Directions, Three Revolutions Project, College D’Europe, Natolin, Warsaw, Poland, 06/20/2016.
  32. Closed Workshop “The EU, Russia, and Ukraine: Managing the Stalemate and Moving Beyond”, Russia and Ukraine Working Group, The Dahrendorf Forum, LSE, London UK, 21/03/2016.
  33. “Six Myths of Conflict in Ukraine”, Seminar in Russian and Eastern European Studies, School of Arts Languages and Cultures, UoM, UK, 02/19/2016.
  34. Understanding Mass-Protest, Private event organized by CCWP and the Ministry of Defense, Pembroke College, Oxford, UK, 16/02/2016.
  35. Decentralization in Ukraine, Chatham House, London, UK, 21/01/2016.
  36. “Six Myths of Conflict in Ukraine”, The Oxford Changing Character of War Programme, DPIR, Oxford, UK, 01/19/2016.
  37. Invited Lecture: #6 Myths Of The Ukrainian Crisis50 Shades Of Conflict And Crisis. Department of International Relations, LSE, December 7, 2015. Digital recording.
  38. Invited Lecture: “The Real Revolution in 2014 Ukraine: Protest Participation and Perceptions across Linguistic, Ethnic and Regional Identities” Russian Institute, Kings College, London, UK. November 2, 2015.
  39. Invited Lecture: “Mapping Mass Mobilization,” Key Note Lecture, Book Presentation, Ukraine Platform Conference, SSEES, UCL, June 5, 2015.
  40. Book Launch Presentation: “Mapping Mass Mobilization,” Book Presentation, Knyharniya YeЩо таке масова мобілізація? І як її розуміти? (Київ), April 4, 2015. Kyiv, Ukraine. (Discussant: Mykola Riabchuk, Also presenting Lesia Khomenko – with support of Roman Tsupryk and Knyharniya Ye, the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine and Bohdan Batruch).
  41. Book Launch Presentation: “Mapping Mass Mobilization,” Book Launch, Petro Jacyk Program, CERES, Munk Center, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, April 6, 2015.
  42. Speaker: “Mapping Mass Mobilization,” Book Panel, ASN Annual Convention, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, March 25, 2015 (Discussants: Mark Beissinger, Alexandra Hrycak, Paul D’Anieri, Oxana Shevel, Chair: Nadiya Kravets).
  43. Workshop Presenter (with Gwendolyn Sasse): “Ukraine 2014 and post-post-Cold War Europe,” Park House, University of Birmingham, March 23, 2015.
  44. Invited Lecture: “Who Protests?: Evidence from Euromaidan,” Conflict Research Group, LSE,  March 11, 2015,  Thai Theatre (NAB), London, UK.
  45. Key Note Session Chair and Speaker: “Understanding and Investigating Mass Mobilization During Revolutionary Moments,” Power of The People Conference, St. Antony’s and St. Johns College, SEESOX, University of Oxford, February 27, 2015.
  46. Discussant: screening of documentary ‘All Things Ablaze,’ Frontline Club, London, UK, February 6, 2015.
  47. Speaker: Protest and Election in Ukraine: Public Opinion in Times of Crisis (First Analysis of Ukrainian Crisis Election Survey) George Washington University, Eliot School of International Affairs, January 20-21, 2015.
  48. Speaker: Ukraine Post-Elections Event, UK Houses of Parliament (by invitation of John Whittingdale OBE MP, The British-Ukraine All-Party Parliamentary Group, The Henry Jackson Society and Ukraine Crisis Media Centre), October 28, 2014.
  49. Workshop (Presenter): “Social Media v. Social Networks as Explanatory Variables of the EuroMaidan Mobilization” Comparative Workshop on Mass Protests, LSE IDEAS, LSE, London,  June 13-14, 2014.
  50. Invited Lecture: Rights Repression and Revolution: A Tale of Two Countries – Ukraine and Venezuela, HURI, Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy & David Rockefeller Centre for Latin American Studies, Harvard University. April 16, 2014.
  51. Webinar presenter: “Ukrainian Struggle Explained: The Maidan Revolution, Resistance to Military Intervention and Citizens’ Organizing” ICNC Webinar April 9, 2014 at 12:00 Live from D.C.
  52. Invited Lecture: Why is Kyiv Burning? The Turn to Violence in Ukraine’s Protest Movement and Its Political and Geostrategic Implications: Department of Government, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Ukrainian Research Institute, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University. February 24, 2014.
  53. Invited Lecture: Islands of Contention: Understanding Social Mobilization Networks in Ukraine, HURI, Harvard University, Spring term 2014.
  54. Invited Lecture: Activists to Interlocutors: What Happened to Polish Journalists, Polish Studies Seminar Series in Oxford, European Institute, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, January 22nd 2014, 17:00.
  55. Workshop (Organizer/Presenter): Protest and Elections Workshop: Understanding Dynamic Political Behaviour in Comparative Perspective,  Nuffield College, Jun 16th- 19th 2013.
  56. Workshop (Organizer/Presenter): Protest Politics Workshop, (click on link) Nuffield College, May 26-29th 2013.
  57. Symposium (Organizer/Presenter): Oxford University Symposium on Social Mobilization, (click on link), St. Antony’s College, June 7th 2013. (Organized with Professor William Bienart).
  58. Mass-­Mobilization and the Motivations of Ordinary People Who Join in: When Rights Matter More than Money, DPIR, University of Oxford, December 2nd 2013, 12:30.
  59. What Motivates People to join-in?: Comparing Mass-Protest in LA and EE, (click on link), Politics Colloquium, DPIR, University of Oxford, November 25th 2013, 12:30.
  60. Mass-­Mobilization and the Motivations of Ordinary People Who Join in: When Rights Matter More than Money, School of Politics and IR, University of Nottingham, November 20th 2013, 16:30.
  61. Moments and Movements, George Washington University, 01/2013.
  62. Regions and Islands of Social Mobilization: the Making of a Civil Society in Ukraine,(click on link) Russian And Eurasian Studies Centre Seminar, Post-Soviet Politics Seminar, Nissan Lecture Theatre, St. Antony’s College, October 21st 2013, 17:00.

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