2016 – (FT)


Mr. Craig Proctor

Ukrainian Radical Right Nationalist Movements

Full Scholarship Faculty of Humanities, UoM

June 2019

2017 – (FT)


Ms. Anna Glew

Human Agency and Historical Memory in Ukraine

Full Scholarship CELBASS, UoM

June 2020

2018 – (FT)


Ms. Alina Nychyk

EU-Ukraine Relations

Full Scholarship SoSS, UoM

June 2021

2019 (Jan) – (FT)


Ms. Ana Martinez

Resistances to reproductive rights in Latin America: Argentina & El Salvador

Full Scholarship SoSS, UoM

December 2021

2019 – (FT)



Youth Political Engagement in EE & Ukraine

ESRC Case Studentship & British Council Kyiv

June 2022