Selected Honors, Prizes, Scholarships, Awards, Grants:

  1. My book is a Palgrave “success story” – here I am offering some humble advice to first time authors.
  2. Listed as an Opinion Leader by the
  3. NEW Leverhulme Early Career Award 2014 “‘EXIT’ AND ‘VOICE’ in ROMANIA AND UKRAINE”(grant not taken up)
  4. NEW Dr. Onuch (Co-I), and her colleagues Prof. Henry Hale (P-I, George Washington University), Prof. Timothy Colton (Co-I, Harvard University) and Dr. Nadiya Kravets (Co-I, Harvard University), have been awarded a large National Science Foundation RAPID Grant to conduct a Multi-wave Electoral Panel Survey in Ukraine. Funding is also provided by the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and the Ukrainian Studies Fund, 2014-2015.
  5. NEW John Fell Fund Award, Oxford University Press, Proof-of-Concept, Research Grant, “‘Exit’ and ‘Voice’: Protest and Migration in Ukraine and Romania,” 2013-14. 
  6. Politics Group, Workshop Grant, Nuffield College, Comparative Protest Politics’, 2013.
  7. John Fell Fund Award, Oxford University Press, Research Grant, “Comparative Protest Politics,” 2013.
  8. Newton Prize Fellowship & Research Grant, British Academy and Royal Society, “Comparative Protest Politics,” 2012-2014.
  9. Neporany Doctoral Prize, 2010
  10. Department of Politics and IR, University of Oxford, Full Scholarship, 2007-2010
  11. Nuffield College Scholarship, 2007-2010
  12. Abbey-Santander Award, 2008-2009
  13. Cyril Foster & Norman Chester Grant, 2008
  14. Canadian Government Female Doctoral Grant, 2007-2010
  15. University of London Grant, 2007
  16. LSE Merit Scholarship, 2005
  17. Queens University Scholarship, 2005
  18. Viapond Award: Excellence in Development Studies, 2004
  19. Queens University Scholarship, 2004
  20. Queens University Scholarship, 2001

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