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I have engaged with policymakers and practitioners internationally. In 2014 I joined the Open Society Foundation coordinated, Strategic Advisory Group, tasked with advising the President and Government of Ukraine. In this role I contributed to policy development work related to three policy areas: good governance, anti-corruption and transparency, and social and human development policy. I have also strived to be directly engaged in other policy work relating to greater democratic and electoral development in Ukraine.

Selected research consultant work includes:

  1. (2017 – 2018) Cultural Values, Cultural Diplomacy, British Council and Goethe Institute in Ukraine and Egypt.
  2. (2014-2016) Constitutional Reform, Decentralization in Ukraine as part of the Open Society Foundation coordinated, Strategic Advisory Group to the Ukrainian Government (OSF, EBRD),
  3. (2014-present) Ukrainian Crisis (several EU and North American governments/ Ministries),
  4. (2014-present) Good Governance Analysis (OECD),
  5. (2012) Think Tanks in Ukraine (OSI, Think Tank Fund, USAID, Uniter-PACT),
  6. (2009) Political Parties in Ukraine (ISS),
  7. (2009-2010) Election Analysis/Monitoring in Ukraine (OSCE),
  8. (2009-2010) Political Preferences of Ukrainian Migrants (Oxford),
  9. (2007-2008) Eastward Enlargement & ENP  in Ukraine & Moldova (EU/LSE),
  10. (2004) Lustration and Democratic Dialogue in LA (UNDP),
  11. (2002-2004) Land Tenure Policies in Developing States (Queens’ University, Canada).
  12. (2001) Good Governance in Ukraine (World Bank).
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